White Haired Newborn Baby Stuns Doctors!

A White-Haired Baby

Most of us have plenty of time to enjoy our looks and our youth before we start to worry about age spots and white hair, wrinkles, and saggy eyes. That wasn’t the case for little baby Bence, who was born in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, with a full head of stark white hair.

What Is Abnormal And What Isn’t?

Bence was nearly 12 pounds at birth, which is slightly above average. His height was pretty normal, coming in at 21 inches. It is a little abnormal for a baby to be born with a full head of hair, but not as abnormal as a full head of white hair.

What Is The Reason?

Initial health checks all came back with normal results, and Bence appeared to be a healthy baby just like any other. Doctors were confounded as to why his hair was white. Could it be albinism?

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