10 Super Common Baby Names

Are you expecting? Are you in the process of picking out a name for your bundle of joy? This comprehensive list will tell you 10 Super Common Baby Names.  It’s really important to name your children with names that will set them up for success! Remember, a name can make a huge difference with first impressions.

Growing up, your kid will have a love-hate relationship with his or her non-common name. Your kid will love his/her name because he/she has not to share it with several people in his/her class when they start school, and also people tended to remember his/her unique name. On the other side, your kid will hate his/her name especially if he/she had a stereotypical male/female name, so he/she will not love when teachers or doctors confused he/she for a boy/girl. But, as a parent are able to choose the names of their own children the uniqueness of the name can be something they really love.

When it came to choosing the names, your kids will be known by, make sure they had the best balance of both the uniqueness, but also avoiding something they will dislike. But just like all trends change there’s no way to be certain the name you chose wasn’t going to be the hot name in two years. To make sure you stay away from the super common names that certainly you are so overhearing them, here are the top list which may help you.

1- Emily:

It’s a name that is crazy popular in the world and it has been for a long time. According to Social Security Administration, Emily has been ranked the number #1 name for females 12 times in 10 years and has been in the top five over 15 times. Emily is currently the #1 baby girl’s name in Ireland, #2 in Scotland, #3 in Northern Ireland and Australia, #4 in Canada, #5 in England, and #6 in the United States. Emily “feels” like an old-fashioned name but it much more of a timeless classic.

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