Mom Gives Birth to Quadruplets. Then, Gets the Shock of Their Lives!

The emotions that accompany motherhood can be overwhelming for pregnant women, especially for first-timers. When she learned that she was pregnant for quadruplets, first-time mom, Bethany Webb had all joy, fear, excitement, and trepidation multiplied in four places.


You can imagine the joyful surprise in the faces of this newlywed as they look at their own babies. What is more amazing is that the babies are cute identical quadruplets! If you need inspiration and motivation as an expectant mother or a newlywed couple. This experience shows that no matter what happens, you are not alone.

Tim and Bethany got married in their early twenties. Like many a normal couple who are heads over heels in love, they anticipated a pregnancy—kids of their own, that will frolic around the house. Who doesn’t really love that?


As it turns out, however, things started happening faster after their wedding in June 2015. They had plans to wait at least 12 months before having a first child, but as they say, life happens while you’re making plans. Life actually happened in four little healthy faces. The first surprise that hit them was the news of the pregnancy, but as we see, there came more surprises.


On the day before Christmas Eve in 2015, the expectant mother got the jaw-dropping news with her husband. It was like an unexpected early Christmas gift. A free gift for the expectant mother. They, like every expectant mother, went for a scan.(Open Next Page To See Babies Pictures).

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