I Had Two Babies In One Year! Real Birth Story

What’s it like to give birth twice within 12 months? Mum Hayley McLean shares all.

‘Jon, there’s that smell again,’ I told my partner anxiously.

We were relaxing on the sofa, our tiny 10-week-old baby, Noah, in my arms. ‘No way, you must be imagining it,’ Jon said.

It was a strange, musky scent, and it had been the first sign I was pregnant with both of my sons.

Jon and I called it the ‘phantom smell’, and it had lingered for the early weeks during both pregnancies.

I was smelling it again, but how was that possible? Our son was barely through the newborn stage, my period hadn’t returned and, just to be safe, I’d started back on the pill.

To reassure myself I took a pregnancy test. It was positive.

Noah must have been just six weeks old when we’d conceived. Just how would we cope with a toddler and two babies less than a year old?

The GP and midwife calmed my fears. I’d had a c-section with Noah and the scar had only just healed following an infection, but they told me my body would cope with the strain. (Keep reading on Next Page)

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