19 Celebs who had kids when they were just kids

Although many people choose to wait until they are older and established in their careers, to have kids, not everyone keeps this path. Those famous people all had kids before the age of 20, and many of them raised their kids by oneself. Being a teenage parent is in no ways easy, but those celebrities have managed to raise children and have incredibly successful careers. The track to fame is never easy, but these famous figures were clever to juggle parenting and success.

19- Anna Nicole Smith

Image: Getty Images

Anna Nicole Smith was working at a restaurant’ fried chicken. She meets her first husband, Billy Smith, at this restaurant. The young couple was married just at the age of 17, and Smith gave birth to a son, Daniel Wayne Smith, less than a year later.

unfortunately, the marriage was brief and miserable, but Smith was loyal to his son. At the age of 20, Daniel died of an accidental overdose, leaving Smith broken. When she died a few months later, her ex-boyfriend, Mark Hatten, claimed it was a broken heart. “When I heard of Daniel’s death, I knew it would not last long,” he told In Touch. “I saw people pampering their children, but it was literally his world.”

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