Baby Boy Names

One of the most fun things of all about baby boys are the gorgeous boy names to choose from.

There are so many beauties and it’s hard to narrow it to just one.

Names are a part of everyday life and culture; they can have a great significance to the child who receives the name and also to the societies that give them. A baby name is not only a name that will be with your infant throughout its childhood, it is a name that will stick with them for life.

Pro-tip: If you are looking for a name but don’t want something TOO popular, look toward the bottom of the list. With 99 baby boy names, you have quite a few choices!

1 Noah Hebrew The top spot goes to Noah, which means ‘peaceful’.
2 Liam Irish Liam is the short form for William and means a ‘strong-willed warrior’.
3 Mason French Meaning ‘stone worker’, Mason has a strong and hardworking feel to it.
4 Jacob Hebrew Jacob has been one of the top 10 names for 14 years. It means ‘supplanter’.
5 William English, German This moniker with literary and royal ties means ‘protector’.
6 Ethan Hebrew Ethan, meaning ‘firm and strong,’ has a preppy and bookish feel to it.
7 James English This one will make a great middle name too! It means ‘supplanter’.
8 Alexander Greek The four syllables and the x in the middle make Alexander a hit with the parents. It means ‘defender of the mankind’.
9 Michael Hebrew Michael has long been a favorite. It means ‘who is like God’.
10 Benjamin Hebrew It’s the name of Jacob and Rachel’s youngest son in the Old Testament. It means ‘son of my right hand’.
11 Elijah Hebrew It’s the name of a prophet who moved to heaven in a chariot of fire in the Old Testament. It means ‘my God is Yahweh’.
12 Daniel Hebrew This name has a timeless style and a multicultural appeal. It means ‘God is my judge’.
13 Aiden Irish This moniker with a smooth and clear sound means ‘fiery’.
14 Logan Irish Made famous by Wolverine, Logan means ‘meadow’.
15 Matthew Hebrew Serene, classic and smooth, Matthew means ‘gift of God’.
16 Lucas German, Irish This super cool name means ‘bringer of light’.
17 Jackson English If you want your son to make a big impression, name him Jackson.
18 David Hebrew Daniel is an all-time classic name, meaning ‘beloved’.
19 Oliver Latin Oliver is a stylish and energetic name, meaning ‘olive tree’.
20 Jayden Hebrew Meaning of this non-traditional name is ‘thankful’.
21 Joseph Hebrew Another Old Testament classic, Joseph means ‘May Jehovah add/give/increase’.
22 Gabriel Hebrew The name of one of the seven archangels in the Bible means ‘God is my strength’.
23 Samuel Hebrew This name brings to mind Samuel Adams, the revolutionary leader. It means ‘god has heard’.
24 Carter English A mellow sounding name, Carter means ‘cart driver’.
25 Anthony Latin This name is derived from an old Roman family name Antonius and means ‘highly praiseworthy’.
26 John Hebrew One of the most popular names in the history, it means ‘God is gracious’.
27 Dylan Welsh Dylan is a Welsh mythological name, meaning ‘son of the wave’.
28 Luke Latin The meaning of Luke is ‘light giver’.
29 Henry German Henry is a princely and amiable name, meaning ‘ruler of the household’.
30 Andrew Greek Shared by the first apostle of Christianity, this name means ‘manly’.
31 Isaac Hebrew This name is highly preferred by Jewish parents. It means ‘laughter’.
32 Christopher Greek Also the name of the patron saint of travelers, Christopher means ‘carrier of Christ’.
33 Joshua Hebrew It’s the name of the prophet who led the Israelites into the Promised Land. It means ‘Yahweh is salvation’.
34 Wyatt French A name that became hot in the last decade, Wyatt means ‘little warrior’.
35 Sebastian Greek A dignified name, meaning ‘venerable’.
36 Owen Irish A quintessential preppy name, meaning ‘young warrior’.
37 Caleb Hebrew Caleb has become one of the chic, trendsetting names in just a few years. It means ‘faithful’.
38 Nathan Hebrew Nathan is a short form of Nathaniel and means ‘God has given’.
39 Ryan Irish Originating from the surname Riain, Ryan means ‘little king’.
40 Jack American One of the favorites with the Americans, Jack means ‘God is gracious’.
41 Hunter English A distinctive baby boy name meaning ‘one who hunts’.
42 Levi Hebrew One of the lighter Biblical names, Levi means ‘attached’.
43 Christian Greek The meaning of this classic name is ‘follower of Christ’.
44 Jaxon English Jaxon is the cool spelling variant of Jackson.
45 Julian Latin One of the rising stars in names, Julian means ‘youthful’.
46 Landon English A popular surname-turned-first-name, meaning ‘long hill’.
47 Grayson English The meaning of Grayson is ‘son of the bailiff’.
48 Jonathan Hebrew Jonathan is an Old Testament name, meaning ‘gift of Jehovah’.
49 Isaiah Hebrew Once a neglected name, Isaiah is now finding favor with the masses. It means ‘salvation of the Lord’

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50 Charles French This longtime traditional name means ‘free man’.
51 Thomas Greek A formal sounding name, meaning ‘twin’.
52 Aaron Hebrew This moniker peaked at #28 in the year 1994. It means ‘lofty’.
53 Eli Hebrew It has its namesake in Eli Whitney, the inventor of cotton gin. The name means ‘high’ or ‘ascended’.
54 Connor Irish This moniker is derived from the name Conchobhar and means ‘hound lover’.
55 Jeremiah Hebrew It’s the name of one of the important prophets in the Old Testament and means ‘appointed by God’.
56 Cameron Scottish Cameron is a Scottish clan name, meaning ‘crooked’.
57 Josiah Hebrew A name with loads of quaint and charm, Josiah means ‘god supports’.
58 Adrian Latin It’s one of the most used place names for baby boys. Adrian means ‘sea’.
59 Colton English Colton is a trendy, two-syllable name, meaning ‘from the coal’.
60 Jordan Hebrew The meaning of Jordan is ‘descending’.
61 Brayden Celtic It’s derived from the surname Braden and means ‘someone who lives near a broad valley’.
62 Nicholas Greek One of the most used names in the US, Nicholas means ‘people’s victory’.
63 Robert English A consistently successful name, meaning ‘famous brilliance’.
64 Angel Greek Yes, Angel is also popular as a boy’s name. It means ‘messenger’.
65 Hudson English This name has risen on the charts after being in obscurity for years. It means ‘Hugh’s son’.
66 Lincoln English Lincoln is one of the highest rising names. It means ‘town by the pool’.
67 Evan Welsh Evan is the Welsh form of John and means ‘God is gracious’.
68 Dominic Latin Dominic is a chubby name, meaning ‘belonging to the Lord’.
69 Austin Latin A short form for Augustine, meaning ‘majestic’.
70 Gavin Celtic A variation of medieval name Gawain, meaning ‘white hawk’.
71 Nolan Irish Nolan is one of the fastest rising Irish names, meaning ‘champion’.
72 Parker English Parker is an English occupational name, meaning ‘park-keeper’.
73 Adam Hebrew It’s one of the most popular Old Testament names, meaning ‘son of the red earth’.
74 Chase French Chase, meaning ‘to hunt,’ is a surprise entry to this list.
75 Jace Hebrew Jace is a diminutive of Jason and means ‘the Lord of salvation’.
76 Ian Scottish Ian is the Scottish version of John and means ‘God is gracious’.
77 Cooper English Cooper is an English occupational name, meaning ‘barrel maker’.
78 Easton English This stylish, English name means ‘east-facing place’.
79 Kevin Irish A ‘handsome’ name for your handsome boy.
80 Jose Spanish Jose is the Spanish version of Joseph and means ‘Jehovah increases’.
81 Tyler English A cool, fresh and clean name, meaning ‘tile maker’.
82 Brandon English This name, meaning ‘beacon hill,’ rose in popularity in the 1990s.
83 Asher Hebrew Asher is a beautiful sounding name, meaning ‘happy one’.
84 Jaxson English A cool spelling variation of Jackson, it means ‘son of Jack’.
85 Mateo Spanish Mateo is an attractive and energetic variation of Matthew.
86 Jason Greek Taken from Greek mythology, Jason means ‘healer’.
87 Ayden Irish It’s an uncommon variation of ‘Aidan’ and means ‘fiery’.
88 Zachary Hebrew After Alexander, Zachary is the most familiar Biblical name. It means ‘God remembered’.
89 Carson English This one’s for the car lovers. It means ‘son of carr’.
90 Xavier Arabic Often featured in the names of parochial hospitals and schools, Xavier means ‘owner of a new house’.
91 Leo Latin This moniker has loads of people going for it. It means ‘lion’.
92 Ezra Hebrew Ezra is a fresh and quirky name meaning ‘help’.
93 Bentley English A stuffy English name meaning ‘meadow with coarse grass’.
94 Sawyer English An English surname with a relaxed and friendly feel. It means ‘woodcutter’.
95 Kayden Modern Invented Name This moniker was chosen by over 4,000 parents in 2015. It means ‘battle’.
96 Blake English Blake is a funky and preppy name, meaning ‘attractive’.
97 Nathaniel Hebrew Nathaniel is an elegant and sleek name, meaning ‘gift of God’.
98 Ryder British Ryder is a British surname, meaning ‘messenger’ or ‘cavalryman’.
99 Theodore Greek Theodore is a Greek name, meaning ‘gift of God’.
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