5 Harmful Things That May Affect a Baby If Someone Stresses Their Pregnant Mother

Stressed Pregnant? We can’t deny that stress is a normal part of our daily life, and the pregnancy period is no exception. Scientists state it can affect the future baby’s IQ and development and cause other problems later in life. But is all this stress harmful? And how it can actually influence the fetus? Let’s find out!

Today the Babysitti.com is here to help you find out which problems stress can cause during pregnancy, how to deal with it, and why it’s not always harmful.

1. Stress can cause early delivery & low birth weight.

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The future baby’s well-being is the ultimate concern that accompanies every expectant mother, and these worries can turn into real stress. Paradoxically, the first thing you need to do to have a healthy baby is calm down. Ann Borders, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Evanston Hospital, says that the inability to cope with stressful situations contributes to early delivery and low birth weight.

Stress increases the production of a corticotropin-releasing hormone (or CRH). In mothers-to-be, CRH influences the length of a pregnancy and the fetal maturation. The higher the CRH level, the sooner the labor day comes.

The surprising thing is, it’s the first trimester that matters the most. We used to think that to prevent premature birth, expectant mothers should mostly avoid during the last trimester. In reality, it’s quite the opposite. The pre-term delivery is provoked by an early rise of CRH, caused by stress experienced during the first weeks of pregnancy.

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