A Couple Adopted Triplets, One Week Later Doctor Reveals Unexpected News

After years of trying to conceive, Sarah and Andy decided to give adoption a try. After an excruciating process, the couple was finally given babies. This tearjerking real-life story of what happened right after the adoption will be sure to surprise you.

Family of Two

Sarah and Andy Justice were happy and loved their life together. They always knew they wanted to grow their family and become parents.

Pregnancy Trouble

After three years of marriage, the Justices felt something was missing. They decided it was time to grow their family. Unfortunately, having babies was not easy for the Justices. For three long years, the sweet couple tried to have babies naturally with no success. Struggling to get pregnant began to put a strain on their marriage. Times were tough but they finally decided it was time to try something else. Sarah and Andy tried to find a fertility doctor…

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