14 Rare baby names you’ll fall in love with especially the 11th!

Are you expecting? Are you in the process of picking out a name for your bundle of joy? Commonly used names aren’t for everyone. Maybe you don’t want your baby to have to share a name with several people in their class when they start school, or maybe you don’t want to give your baby just any name.

It’s really important to name your kids with names that will set them up for success! If you are trying to sheer off from more common names, check out this list. These are some lovely, but rare, baby names that you will surely adore. Remember, a name can make a huge difference with first impressions.

1- Noe

Pronounced “NO-a” or “NO-ee”, Noe is the French, Spanish and Portuguese form of Noah. You get the awesome meaning of the more recognized name, which means “rest”, “comfort”, or “peacemaker”, without having to worry about giving your baby a name that everyone else has. The name Noah was widely adopted as a given name most notably by the Puritans in the 1600’s.

Noe is a top favorite for boys in France just as Noah is popular in English speaking nations today. Noe is also used among Spanish-speakers in the United States and elsewhere. Making Noe a great choice if you love the name, Noah.

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